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Meet Summer

♂️   Female
🎂  Birth date: October 2020 (estimate)
🐕  Breed: Anatolian Shepherd Mix
✂️  Spayed
🐕‍🦺  Can live other dogs
🏃‍♂️  Energy needs? Medium
🐈  Not tested with cats yet. Can be organised if required 
👩‍👦  Not tested with kids. Can be organised if required
⚖️  About 13kg
📏  She will grow to be a large dog
🇹🇷  Currently in Turkey can travel Canada anytime dependent on finding flight volunteers. 

Special markings - one eyed.


Summer was dumped in a rubbish field where people in the city centers don't want dogs in their neighbourhoods. This means a remote area with no food unless an animal lover takes food once a week or whatever they can scavenge on from the dumping ground.  Summer was attacked by larger dogs trying to get some food. She's sustained serious injuries to her face, eye, chin and jaw. She was left untreated for days before a volunteer spotted her condition and took her to the nearest animal hospital for treatment. She stayed in hospital for weeks and one of her eyes was removed because it wasn't treated early enough.

She is currently staying with a volunteer. She has a zero chance of adoption where she is now, because she is not considered a fashionable breed, but just a street dog. We think otherwise. She is gorgeous, curious, very social and loves her food.  

Who would consider opening their home for this girl? All she wants is safety and security of a home where she would never get attacked for trying to eat. 

Simply complete our online application form to be considered for adopting a pet from us. 

Can't adopt, but still want to help? Sponsoring is an easy way to make a direct impact on the lives of the cats and dogs in our care. We rely solely on the generosity of our supporters to provide each animal with the highest level of physical and emotional care. Sponsor today!

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