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About: Meet the Team


Help Street Cats and Dogs was founded by Isabel Dowsett in 2017 after a trip to Turkey made her aware of the suffering of street cats and dogs. She spent time working with volunteers on the ground  where she witnessed cats and dogs being born into harsh dangerous environments, many not living beyond a few months. Unneutered cats and dogs roam the streets meant that kittens and puppies were being born into the streets at an alarming rate with a miserable life ahead of them. Isabel felt she had to do something to help which led her to founding Help Street Cats and Dogs.

Isabel is very active in the animal welfare space creating awareness of the suffering of all animals. She has a wealth of experience in international rescue operations and often advises other rescue groups on how to rescue abroad safely.


Our vision is a world where all the animals are treated with compassion and free from neglect, abuse, cruelty and exploitation.  



To promote the humane care and protection of all animals and prevent cruelty and suffering. 

To promote the benefits of spay and neuter to help reduce the street cat and dog population within communities. 

To relieve the suffering of street cats and dogs in need of care, treatment, housing and subsequently finding homes for the rescued animals. 


We are an international rescue group working with a network of dedicated volunteers and partner with other rescue groups in the UK,  the USA, Canada, Turkey and  Europe improving the lives of  street cats and dogs of Turkey.

We educate and promote the benefits of spay and neuter to deal with the root cause of street animal population.  We support and enable on the ground volunteers in their spay and neuter efforts by partnering with local veterinarians. 

We supply pet food to volunteers to feed animals dumped in the mountains and remote areas where animals are left to die of starvation. 

We organise treatment for the sick and injured animals and provide outdoor cat and dog houses to  protect the animals from the weather conditions. 

Our rescue animals are adopted out in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.


This is how our international adoptions work:


  • The volunteers on the ground send us pictures and videos as well as vital information regarding the animal in need of help - often in need of food, treatment and boarding.  

  • If an animal is in need of any treatment, it will immediately go into one of the clinics for a general examination, vaccinations including a rabies shot and will receive further care depending on the assessment by the veterinary team.

  • We place the rescued animal in boarding facilities or foster homes until they are adopted.  We pay for the animals boarding to keep them safe - we do not operate a shelter facility.

  • Once a forever home is found, we would arrange the pet to be flown with a flight volunteer to their adoptive homes. 



Enabling on the ground volunteers to provide food, water, outdoor cat/dog houses and treat animals in their communities.



Actively promoting and organising spay and neuter to help reduce street animal population.



Rescue cats and dogs  from neglect, abuse, cruelty and abandonment. 



Funding life saving treatment  for the sick or injured cats and dogs and subsequently finding loving homes.

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