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About: Meet the Team


Help Street Cats and Dogs was established in 2017 by Isabel, who was deeply moved by the plight of street cats and dogs during a trip to Turkey. Witnessing the harsh and dangerous conditions these animals faced, with many not surviving beyond a few months, Isabel felt compelled to take action. The alarming number of unneutered cats and dogs roaming the streets resulted in a continuous cycle of kittens and puppies being born into a life of misery. This drove Isabel to found Help Street Cats and Dogs.


Isabel is a dedicated advocate for animal welfare, actively raising awareness about the suffering endured by all animals. With her extensive experience in international rescue operations, she frequently provides guidance to other rescue groups on conducting safe rescue missions abroad. Her commitment to making a difference shines through her work with Help Street Cats and Dogs.


Isabel's passion and expertise have made a significant impact in the animal welfare community, serving as an inspiration for others to join the cause.


We aim to create a world where all animals are treated with compassion, free from neglect, abuse, cruelty, and exploitation.



🧡 Promote compassion, care and protection of all animals, striving to prevent neglect, abuse and cruelty.


🧡 Advocate for the benefits of spaying and neutering to effectively reduce the population of street cats and dogs within communities.


🧡 Relieve the suffering of street cats and dogs by providing much-needed care, treatment, and housing for street cats and dogs in desperate need. 


🧡 To find loving homes for these rescued animals, offering them a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life.


As an international rescue group, we work in collaboration with a dedicated network of volunteers and partner with other rescue organisations in the UK, USA, Canada, Turkey and Europe to improve the lives of street cats and dogs in Turkey.


We actively educate communities about the invaluable benefits of spaying and neutering, addressing the root cause of the street animal population. By forging partnerships with local veterinarians, we provide support and resources to enable on-the-ground volunteers in their spaying and neutering efforts.


Recognising the dire circumstances faced by animals abandoned in remote areas, we supply pet food to volunteers who bravely venture into the mountains ensuring that these helpless creatures do not succumb to starvation. Furthermore, we organize essential treatment for sick and injured animals and provide outdoor cat and dog houses to safeguard them from harsh weather conditions.


We find loving homes for our rescue animals, facilitating adoptions in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada. Through our collective efforts, we bring hope and a brighter future to these deserving animals.



We enable on-the-ground volunteers to provide food, water, outdoor shelters, and medical treatment to animals in their communities.



Actively involved in promoting and organising spaying and neutering programs to help reduce the population of street animals.



We rescue cats and dogs from neglect, abuse, cruelty, and abandonment, giving them a second chance at life by finding them loving homes.



We provide funding for life-saving treatment for sick or injured cats and dogs, ensuring they receive the care they need to recover and thrive.

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