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Unless otherwise advertised, all our cats are currently abroad and will travel to their adoptive country once adopted. Please visit our Adoption Process page for more information.

If we are currently showing no available cats for adoption, it doesn't mean we haven't got any looking for forever homes. We have hundreds of cats in all sizes, breed and age looking for someone to give them a chance. 


We don't operate a shelter system and due to lack of foster homes, funds and resources, we are not always in a position to take animals into our care and place them in a boarding facility whilst we look for homes and prepare them for travels. 


If you are committed to saving a life from the street, we would then pull the cat of your choice from one of our feeding areas, place them in a boardinging facility whilst we complete the vaccination programme, spay/neuter, test for diseases, treatment if required and prepare for travels which can take up to 3 months.  We can send you the profiles of those we protect, feed and treat who deserve a loving family of their own. Please get in touch for more info.

We don't always have the best profile pictures of our adoptable cats and dogs as we rely on volunteers to send us their pictures. That should not be a barrier if rescue is your favourite breed. 

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