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We are always in need for flight volunteers travelling from Istanbul to the USA, Canada and Europe. Flight volunteers save lives and are essential to help our adopted cats and dogs make the journey to their new forever homes.

It's very easy to be a flight volunteer and you save lives by taking a rescued animal to their adoptive family. We have sent many cats and dogs to the UK, Europe, USA and Canada over the years and experienced in this area making it a very smooth process for everyone involved. We organise everything and guide you at every step of the journey.

If you are interested in escorting of our rescue cats or dogs, please get in touch via our Contact page. 

Below is an outline of our flight volunteer process


Flight Details

Let us know com when you plan to fly from Istanbul along with your flight details.


Visit our Contact page to let us know your flight details. 

pet flight

We will book and confirm the pet on your flight, organise all the required health and travel documents. We cover all the travel cost for the pet.


Our team will meet you at the departure airport with the pets to check-in. The pets will be taken to the check-in desk by our representative and deal with the pet's check-in process.


Upon arrival at the destination airport, you will take the animal through the customs. An Help Street Cats and Dogs representative or the adopter will meet you at arrivals to collect the pet from you. 

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