Help us spay and neuter to prevent unwanted pups and kittens of tomorrow.

There are countless number of street cats and dogs left to fend for themselves with no protection. We are committed to saving animals from abuse, abandonment and neglect. However, we are also aware that we cannot save them all and are looking for ways to deal with the root cause by way of spay and neuter.  


The only LONG TERM SOLUTION is to reduce the number of unwanted animals in need of saving in the first place. Through our spay and neuter projects, we engage communities with the importance of neutering animals.

One of our missions is to spay and neuter as many street cats and dogs to help reduce the number of street animal population.  We do spay and neuter on a regular basis through our local volunteer system on the ground via the local veterinarians. 


If you would like to be part of the solution and help our spay and neuter efforts, please consider donating to our ongoing spay and neuter fund. 

On average it costs £60  for a dog and £40 for a cat.



In addition to our ongoing spay and neuter efforts, as projects we team up with volunteer veterinarians from Europe and do targeted spay and neuter in areas that need the most.


Our last project helped spayed/neutered 125 cats and 65 dogs in an area where the cat and dog population was multiplying at an alarming rate. These projects also help create awareness and educate communities about the benefits of spay and neuter. 

We are currently raising funds for our next project to support a volunteer on the ground who is so overwhelmed with the number of animals she is having to feed, treat and protect. We have teamed up with two vets from Europe who will do the spay and neuter surgeries.

We are looking for our supporters to help us raise the funds needed for these projects to help reduce the number of unwanted animals on the streets so we all have less to feed, treat, home and minimise their suffering in heartbreaking conditions.


You can DONATE or SPONSOR a cat or dog spay/neuter here!