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Meet Chance

♂️   Male
🎂   Birth date:  2017 (estimate)
🐕  Breed: Anatolian Shepherd Mix
✂️  Neutered
🐕‍🦺  Can live other dogs
🏃‍♂️  Energy needs? Low
🐈  Not tested with cats yet. Can be organised if required 
👩‍👦  Good with kids
⚖️  About 30kg
📏  Medium to Large size

💉  Fully vaccinated
🇹🇷  Currently in Turkey can travel to the UK


In July 2022, one of our followers posted about a dog in a very bad shape in need of urgent veterinary care. We’ve noticed that the dog was in a location where one of our volunteers is located. We quickly sprang into action and went to search for the dog.

It took a lot of searching, running around, coaxing and finally cornering him to catch. He wouldn’t come near people, but we were not in a position to wait around to get him used to us before catching him - needed treatment immediately. He has been suffering for months for all to see and no one sought help for him until an animal lover put it on social media asking for help.

Click on the links below to see footages of him how he looked like then and how we trapped him and his transformation.

Chance received veterinary care for months fully recovered from his severe case of manage. He gained weight and his fur grew back and we can see what he looked like.  We also discovered that Chance had cataract in both eyes which he had successful operation and gained his full eye sight. One of his ears was also blocked and infected which he needed another operation. 

Chance will be coming to the UK and he already has a foster home lined up while we look for his forever people.  We very much hope someone in the UK will consider opening their heart and home for him. 


He has a very calm personality and loves human attention. He his very gentle with everything.  He likes to chill most of the time. He is good with other dogs and kids. His ideal home would be a house with a garden in a rural or semi rural location. 

If you are interested adopting Chance please feel free to contact us for more info or complete our online adoption application to be considered. 


Simply complete our online application form to be considered for adopting a pet from us. 

Can't adopt, but still want to help? Sponsoring is an easy way to make a direct impact on the lives of the cats and dogs in our care. We rely solely on the generosity of our supporters to provide each animal with the highest level of physical and emotional care. Sponsor today!

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