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Meet Jasper

♂️   Male
🎂   Birth date:  2021 (estimate)
🐕  Breed: Anatolian Shepherd
✂️  Neutered
🐕‍🦺  Can live other dogs

🐈  Good with cats

👩‍👦  Good with kids
🏃‍♂️  Energy needs? Low
⚖️  About 25 kg
📏  Large sized

💉  Fully vaccinated
🇹🇷  Currently in Turkey

Special Needs: Tripod

Rescue Date: January 2024


Jasper has been in our care since January 2024. We found him at a landfill site, exposed to the harsh elements while scavenging for food. He was hungry, scared and cold. 


One of his front legs was unusable, with X-rays revealing two breaks that healed incorrectly, making it untreatable. Vets recommended amputation, and Jasper has bravely adapted to life as a tripod dog.


Unable to return to the streets, we're giving him a second chance. Jasper, a gentle soul with a relaxed temperament, thrives on cuddles and leisurely walks. He'd be best suited for a rural/semi-rural home with a garden and understanding adopters who can make adjustments as needed, like ramps or rugs for better traction.


Looking after a large tripod dog requires dedication, but Jasper brings immense joy and love. Here's what to keep in mind:


Veterinary Care -  Regular vet checkups monitor his general health and any issues related to his missing limb.

Weight Management - Keeping Jasper at a healthy weight reduces strain on his remaining limbs and joints.

Accessibility - Adapt your living space, removing obstacles and using rugs/ramps.

Exercise - Start with short walks, gradually increasing duration and intensity based on his comfort. Pay attention to his fatigue cues.

Emotional Support - Like any dog, Jasper craves love, attention, and mental stimulation. Engage him in playtime and provide enrichment activities.

Grooming -  Pay special attention to his remaining paw (the one bearing more weight), with regular nail trims and paw pad checks.


Ready to open your heart to a deserving dog? Jasper will be ready to travel to the UK from May 2024, anytime to the USA or Canada but only with a committed adopter/foster. He faces limited hope of finding a loving home in Turkey. Please consider opening your heart and home for this special boy.


Fill out our online application to express interest in adopting this deserving dog. We offer full RBU. Adoption fees and international travel costs apply.

Simply complete our online application form to be considered for adopting a pet from us. 

Unable to adopt but still want to make a meaningful difference? Sponsoring a cat or dog is a simple yet powerful way to directly impact the lives of the animals under our care.

Your support will make a tangible difference in their lives, ensuring they receive the best possible care while they await their forever homes. Become a sponsor today!

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