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Meet Hunter

♂️ Male
👵 About 7 months old
💜 Domestic Short Hair
✂️ Neutered 
🐕 Can live with dogs
🐈  Not a big fan of other cats

🇹🇷 Currently in Turkey can travel to the USA anytime dependent on finding a flight volunteer and to Europe in 3 months time. 


The lady who look after our dogs in Istanbul took one of our dogs to the vet for neutering. There she saw a cat in the cage desperately wanting attention and wanting to get out.  Apparently someone brought the cat to the vet for ringworm treatment and left him there. When the vet asked the lady to collect the cat, she just told them to send him back on the street😔

Our border lady asked us if we would consider taking him in as he had nowhere to go.  We couldn't leave little Hunter e locked up in  a small cage or risk him put being back on the streets. We've got him and named him after our founder's pet sheep Hunter.

He loves to play with his toys and loves a bit of fuss always purring. He is now looking for his people who would never abandon him again. He gets on with dogs and prefers being an only cat.

Simply complete our online application form to be considered for adopting a pet from us. 

Can't adopt, but still want to help? Sponsoring is an easy way to make a direct impact on the lives of the cats and dogs in our care. We rely solely on the generosity of our supporters to provide each animal with the highest level of physical and emotional care. Sponsor today!

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