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Meet Dusty

♂️ Female
🎂 Birth date: March 2021 (estimate)
💜 Domestic  Short Hair
✂️ Spayed 
🐕 Not tested with dogs
🐈  Can live with other cats

💉  Fully vaccinated

🇹🇷 Currently in Turkey can travel to the USA or Canada anytime dependent of finding flight volunteers

Special Needs - Birth defect in the hind legs, joints not formed properly.  



On 4th October 21, World Animal Day an animal lover spotted Dusty at a taxi station in Istanbul who looked like had some problems with her back legs and decided to take her to the vet.


Dusty's X-rays revealed she was born deformed in the hind legs and limps when walking. She is in no pain, still able to walk and jump around as normal. We've consulted with a couple of vets about what to do with her condition and we were advised not to operate trying to fix it as long as she is in no pain as it's a birth defect. She may need pain killers or joint supplements in the future or an operation can still be considered, but for now no need to do anything.  On that basis, we are looking for a home who would accept her with her current condition. She looks smaller compared to other cats of her age. Vet advised that she spent the first 7 months of her life on the streets and hasn't grown due to lack of nutritional food. It's a miracle that she was at a busy taxi station and not got run over given that she limps.


She would be suited as an indoor cat or a house with a cat proof garden as Dusty may not be able to run as fast as an able bodied cat if she was in a house on a busy road. She is very sociable and already loves playing with her other rescue mates at our borders. She will do well with another cat.


We are looking for someone special for a special girl. Someone who is going to accept her as is and prepared to care for her for the rest of her life. Please consider adopting Dusty. She has zero chance of being adopted in Turkey and cannot go back on the streets either. 

We can share Dusty's X-Rays and videos of her walking before the adoption. 

Simply complete our online application form to be considered for adopting a pet from us. 

Can't adopt, but still want to help? Sponsoring is an easy way to make a direct impact on the lives of the cats and dogs in our care. We rely solely on the generosity of our supporters to provide each animal with the highest level of physical and emotional care. Sponsor today!

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