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Meet Dolly

♂️ Female
🎂 Birth date: January 2023 (estimate)
🧡 Domestic  Short Hair
✂️ Spayed
🐕 Not tested with dogs
🐈  Can live with other cats

💉  Fully vaccinated

🧪  FIV/FeVL negative

🇹🇷  Currently in Turkey - available for adoption in San Francisco 

Rescue Date: July 2023


Dolly crossed the rainbow bridge in August 2023. She passed away a few days after her spay surgery in Istanbul. We were devastated that she didn't get a second chance at life.


Dolly, from Istanbul, happened to be at the right place at the right time. Our founder was in Istanbul for a very short time (less than 24 hours) when she came across a mother cat feeding her two kittens on the side of a busy road in front of a shop near the Galata Tower. She wasn't able to pick them up there and then, but she made a note of the location, took pictures, and sent someone later to bring the mother and kittens to safety.


When one of our volunteers went to the location, the cats were inside a shop, and the owner wouldn't let us have them. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, he wouldn't budge. We were not able to save the mum cat and her kittens.


Dolly happened to be in front of the shop followed our volunteer and wanted a bit of fuss. Almost wanting to be saved!  It was so hard to leave an innocent baby behind all on her own facing starvation, illness and abuse on the streets. We decided to give Dolly a chance at a better life.

Dolly will be available for adoption in San Francisco through one of our rescue partners. If you are interested in giving Dolly a safe and loving home, please get in touch for more information.

Simply complete our online application form to be considered for adopting a pet from us. 

Unable to adopt but still want to make a meaningful difference? Sponsoring a cat or dog is a simple yet powerful way to directly impact the lives of the animals under our care.

Your support will make a tangible difference in their lives, ensuring they receive the best possible care while they await their forever homes. Become a sponsor today!

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