Help Street Cats and Dogs is a UK registered charity making a significant impact on the tragedy of street animals in Turkey, where cats and dogs are born into a life of misery. In their very short lives, they are left to fend for themselves many dying due to hunger, illness, accidents and abuse.

We raise funds through donations and sponsorship.

Organise veterinary care for injured or sick cats and dogs.

Provide cat and dog food for local volunteers to feed street animals in their area.

Provide short and long term accommodation through fostering and boarding and subsequently finding forever homes for the rescued animals.

Actively spaying and neutering to prevent future litters being born, therefore avoiding the unwanted cats and dogs of tomorrow.

We rely solely on donations and the generosity of caring individuals like you. Your donation helps us to end the needless suffering of animals who have no voice.

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Help Street Cats and Dogs is a registered  charity in England and Wales, No 1176632

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