Meet Huey

♂️ Male
👵 About 3 years old
💜 Domestic Short Hair
✂️ Neutered
🐕 Can live with other dogs
🐈  Can live with other cats

🇹🇷 Currently in Turkey can travel to the USA anytime dependent on finding a flight volunteer and to Europe in 3 months time. 


This  3 years old sweet boy looking for a forever home, currently in Istanbul.   
We've asked his American foster career in Istanbul to write about him for his profile and this is what she wrote…

He was thrown out by his owners and hit by a car in Ankara. He’s literally the sweetest cat. He gets along great with dogs (even my asshole dog!), cats, people, and lizards (probably? I haven’t tried yet)!

Here are some other facts about Huey:
▫️He can speak FOUR languages - Russian, English, Turkish and Mandarin!
▫️He’s a certified scuba-diving instructor!
▫️He hates fascism!
▫️He once dated Kate Upton!

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