Countless number of dogs and cats trying to survive with no food or water in all weathers in Turkey. Their only chance of not starving to death is local volunteers feeding them.  Please consider donating food to help feed street cats and dogs so that they are not  left to fend for themselves venturing out further afield in search of food facing all sorts of risks and leaving kittens and puppies behind some never returning.


We use an online pet food company to deliver to volunteers directly in Turkey.  We are currently helping a number of people locally with their feeding efforts. Here is a brief details about those volunteers which you can contribute towards their feeding efforts to prevent dogs and cats dying of hunger. 


🐾 Istanbul Yesilova Cats - A lady and son who feed their neighbourhood cats and a cat colony in a corner of a park in Istanbul. When they are feeding, they also pick up any sick ones which we help with their treatment. 

🐾Sinop Dikmen Cats and Dogs - This is a lady based in the Black Sea region of Turkey dedicating her life to feed, treat and home cats and dogs in that region. You can follow her efforts on Instagram @sinop_dikmen_canlarim.

🐾Istanbul Beylikduzu Dogs  - The lady here collects leftovers from restaurants to feed the street dogs in her area. Without her, the dogs in her area will simply die of starvation. 


We put together a step by step guide for those who would like to help feed street cats and dogs. It’s very easy to place an order by following the guide below and have it delivered to the volunteers directly. Just select the volunteer of your choice when you select the delivery address (Teslimat Adresi). 

IMPORTANT: Before  you start, call your bank or credit card company to allow purchases in Turkey.

Go to this site 

Click on Giris Yap

Enter email address

Enter Sifre (password)  FeedMe12

Click on Giris (Enter)

Select Kedi  Mamaları or Köpek Mamaları (Cat or dog food) category

Select Yaş Mamalar or Kuru Mamalar  (dry or wet) food options

Select Yetişkin Kedi/Köpek  Maması (Adult cat/dog food) options

Select Yavru Kedi/Köpek  Maması (Kitten/puppy dog food) option 

Click on Sepete Ekle (Add to basket)

Select the quantity options and click on Sepete Ekle (Add to basket)

Once finished, go to Sepetim (My basket) on the top right hand corner

You can increase or decrease your order quantity (Adet) if you wish

Click on Alisverisi Tamala (Proceed to checkout)

Select the pre populated Teslimat Adresi (delivery address). This is where you choose the address for the volunteer of your choice

Click on Kargo Sec (Select Courier)

Select Kargo (Courier) - Ups unless otherwise instructed by Help Street Cats and dogs. 

Click on  Ödemeye Gec (Proceed to payment)

Select Kredi Karti (Credit or Debit card) option

Complete the card details section

Click on Devam Et (Continue)

Tick two boxes in above Sparis Onalyla (Approve payment) to agree to the distance selling terms

Click on Sparis Onalyla (Approve payment)

İlk kredi kartı alışverişlerinde 3D Secure kredi kartı güvenlik uygulaması zorunludur - This means that you will be asked go through the 3D secure process

Complete the Verified by Visa process

Order successfully completed

Sipariş Numaranız = Order number

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Help Street Cats and Dogs is a registered  charity in England and Wales, No 1176632

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