We believe there is a cat and dog for everyone and committed to finding the best possible loving homes for our rescued animals.


Adopting a cat or dog from us not only rescues that animal from a life on the streets, but also helps prevent future generation of more street animals. Of course, there are plenty of animals in shelters that also need homes in your home country, but these animals have it thousand times worse and you are saving them from roadkill, abuse, starvation and sickness. You are giving them a warm, comfortable place to curl up in at night and love.

We do adoptions to anywhere in the USA, the UK, Europe and Canada. It is easy to adopt from Turkey. Pets can travel to the USA and Canada after one month and up to a four months process to Europe and the UK. 

We use flight volunteers to fly the pets to the USA, Canada and Europe. All you need to do is come and pick up your new pet from the airport arrivals.  


For the UK, pets are either transported by road delivered directly to your home address or flown to one of the European countries and picked by a pet taxi for entry into the UK. We use DEFRA approved transporters for this. All the necessary adoption preparation is done by us.

Help Street Cats and Dogs adoption process is designed to find a good match between cat/dog and adopter. Our goal is to provide a loving, stable happy home that will last a lifetime.


If you would like to adopt from us simply complete our online application form by clicking on the buttons below.  Got any questions, email and happy to respond as soon as possible. 

Step 1  

Complete our online adoption application form. 

Step 2
We will review submitted applications carefully and if your application is taken to the next stage, we will video call you to perform our home check.

Step 3
Upon application approval you will receive a confirmation of intent to adopt and a non refundable deposit will be collected.


Step 4
Once your pet travel is booked, you will receive your adoption contract and the remainder of the adoption fee and international travel cost will be collected.


Step 5 
Your pet arrives at the airport.

We will check in one to two weeks late to make sure your new pet is settling in well and to offer our advice and support. 



It costs more to adopt a pet from abroad because of international travel costs. The pets don't have the luxury of already being in the UK, Europe or the USA and there is a cost involved with getting them to their adoptive country.

The adoption fee helps us cover the cost of health check, vaccinations, spay/ neuter, microchip, and some of their boarding costs. The adoption fee only covers a portion of the animal's rescue costs. We expect our adopters to pay for the international travel cost.  Donations we receive from our supporters help offset the difference of any costs incurred over the adoption fee and travel cost.


Half of the adoption fee is taken as a non refundable deposit at time of applicant approval and the remainder is collected when the pet's travel is booked. 


Please email us at for details of our adoption fees, deposit and international costs as they vary depending on your country location.

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Help Street Cats and Dogs is a registered  charity in England and Wales, No 1176632

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